1:30pm Welcome
1:40pm Keynote Talk: Steve Mann (University of Toronto)
Surveillance (oversight), Sousveillance (undersight), and Metaveillance (seeing sight itself)

2:30pm Liang Du, Haitao Lang, YingLi Tian, Chiu C. Tan, Jie Wu, and Haibin Ling
Covert Video Classification by Codebook Growing Pattern

2:40pm Wallace Lawson, Laura Hiatt, and Keith Sullivan
Detecting Anomalous Objects on Mobile Platforms

2:50pm Keynote Talk: Jason Corso (University of Michigan)
The Role of Computer Vision in Public Safety and Vice Versa

3:30pm Coffee Break

4:00pm Keynote Talk: Kristen Grauman (University of Texas at Austin)
Summarizing Long First-Person Videos

4:40pm Michael Teutsch and Michael Grinberg
Robust Detection of Moving Vehicles in Wide Area Motion Imagery

4:50pm Burak Uzkent, Matthew J. Hoffman, and Anthony Vodacek
Real-time Vehicle Tracking in Aerial Video using Hyperspectral Features

5:00pm Concluding Remarks

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