Structural relaxation and magnetic anisotropy in Co/Cu(001) films}

Magnetic anisotropy of Co/Cu(001) films have been investigated by the magneto-optical Kerr effect, both in the pseudomorphic growth regime and above the critical thickness where strain relaxation sets
in. A clear correlation between the onset of strain relaxation---as measured by means of reflection high-energy electron diffraction---and changes of the magnetic anisotropy has been found.

By: W. Weber, A. Bischof, R. Allenspach, C. H. Back (ETH, Switz.), J. Fassbender (RWTH, Germany), U. May (RWTH, Germany), B. Schirmer (RWTH, Germany), R. M. Jungblut (Philips Res. Labs., The Netherlands), G. Guentherodt (RWTH, Germany) and B. Hillebrands (Univ. Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Published in: Physical Review B, volume 54, (no 6), pages 4075-9 in 1996

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