Correlation of electromigration lifetime distribution to failure mode in dual damascene Cu/SiLK interconnects

The electromigration cumulative percent lifetime probability of dual damascene Cu/SiLK interconnects was fitted using three, individual lognormal functions where the functional populations were grouped by void growth location determined from focused ion beam failure analysis of all 54 of the stressed structures. The early, first mode failures were characterized by small voids in the bottom of the vias. The intermediate mode failures had voids in the line and via bottom while the late mode failures had voids that formed in the line only. The three, individual lognormal functions provided good fits of the data. Failure mode population separation using comprehensive failure analysis suggested that only the first mode failures should be used in the prediction of the chip design current.

By: Lynne M. Gignac, Chao-Kun Hu, Eric G. Liniger

Published in: Microelectronic Engineering, volume 70, (no 2-4), pages 398-405 in 2003

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