The Generic Manageability Library (GeMaL)

The OGSA Generic Manageability Library consists of a set of Grid Services definitions and their Java implementation aimed at simplifying the development of self-managing systems according to the IBM autonomic computing architecture [][1]. GeMaL defines a generic manageability interface that developers can use to wrap different components and manage them in a standard fashion. GeMaL is defined on top of the Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI) [12] and few additional operations to fulfill some functionality gaps. These are discussed in detail in this paper. Moreover, GeMaL supports hierarchical (multi-layered) management systems by supporting composability (of a multi-layered management system), pluggability (of different management tools e.g., analyzers) and configuration (of the management system). Finally, GeMaL is composed of a very limited set of interfaces which are easy to use in autonomic systems. Several components have already been GeMaLized (wrapped with GeMaL interfaces) and are included with the library: Tivoli TAME, the IBM AC Generic Adapter (GA), IBM Solution Install (SI), Apache, Xindice, and Tomcat. These components are managed, via GeMaL interfaces, (autonomically) by the Tivoli TAME tool or (manually) by the GeMaL Visual Observer - a graphical management tool included with the library.

By: Y. Arido, Y. Gal, Z. Har'El, A. Orlovsky, B. Rochwerger, M. Silberstein

Published in: H-0219 in 2004


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