MsSTART: A Random Access Algorithm for the IEEE 802.14 HFC Network

In this article, we introduce the n-ary Multi-slot Stack Random
Access Algorithm (msSTART) for use in an IEEE802.14 hybrid
fiber/coaxial (HFC) network. The msSTART random access algorithm (RAA)
is an evolution of the stack-based START algorithm. It is an easy to
implement, high-efficiency, free-access, robust, stable RAA optimized to
operate in an environment where contention slots could dynamically
change. Through a series of simulation studies, we demonstrate the
performance advantages of msSTART by comparing its throughput/delay
characteristics to those of other popular RAAs, including ALOHA and
tree-search RAAs. For the latter RAAs, we also provide a unified stack
representation of their operation.

By: Chatschik Bisdikian, Bill McNeil and Rob Norman

Published in: RC20466 in 1996


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