Lexicographically Optimal Rate Control for Video Coding with MPEG Buffer Constraints

        In this paper we address the problem of allocating bits among pictures in an MPEG video coder to equalize the visual quality of the coded pictures, while meeting buffer and channel constraints imposed by a Video Buffer Verifier. We address this problem within a framework consisting of 1) a bit production model for the input pictures, 2) a novel lexicographic criterion for optimality and 3) a set of bit-rate constraints imposed by the tranmission channel and Video Buffer Verifier. Using this framework, we analyze the bit allocation problem for both constant and variable bit rate operation. The analyses results in a set of simple necessary and sufficient conditions for optimality that leads to efficient algorithms.

By: Dzung T. Hoang (Duke Univ.), Elliot Linzer and Jeffrey S. Vitter (Duke Univ.)

Published in: RC20366 in 1996

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