Yasmin: A Component-Based Architecture for Software Applications

Object-oriented programming (OOP) has changed significantly the way to produce software applications and allowed many problems that affected traditional programming to be overcome. Unfortunately many object-oriented framework misused OOP techniques, failed to address issues such as application extensibility, and have produced monolithic systems hard to manage and tailor. This paper describes Yasmin, a new object-oriented, component-based architecture for software applications. It allows to build applications which use system resources efficiently and which can be easily extended and configured in addition to being simple to program and to compose. This is achieved by means of special software that can be replaced and modified at runtime and by exploiting novel techniques such as collaboration and delegation.

By: Luca Deri

Published in: Proceedings of 8th IEEE International Workshop on Software Technology and Engineering Practice Incorporating Computer Aided Software Engineering. , Los Alamitos, IEEE, p.4-12 in 1997

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