Sign and Encrypt Any Element in a SOAP Message

This article describes how to use IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Version 6.0 (hereafter called Application Server) and IBM Rational® Application Developer (hereafter called Application Developer) to sign and encrypt any element in a SOAP message using the Web Services Security 1.0 standard (WS-Security). WS-Security is designed to be flexible and extensible. However, that flexibility and extensibility is a double-edged sword: it enables security for many message-level scenarios, but adds significant complexity to the development process. WebSphere Application Server provides a simple keyword-based mechanism to specify which SOAP message elements are to be signed and encrypted. Keywords are defined to support the majority of common usage scenarios for standard message elements. However, SOAP messages frequently contain non-standard application-defined elements that must also be protected. This article describes how you can use an XPATH expression with WebSphere Application Server to sign and encrypt any element in a SOAP message. The article is intended for Web services application developers who need to secure their SOAP messages using message-level security.

By: Hyen-Vui Chung; Michael McIntosh; Paula Austel; Masayoshi Teraguchi

Published in: RC24068 in 2006


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