Application Management Services Analytics

Enterprises often maintain many IT applications to support their business. Application Management Services (AMS) aim to maintain high levels of service quality and availability by restoring normal application service operations and minimizing negative business impact. In this paper, we present the AMS Analytics System for improving the productivity and quality of delivery for AMS practices. Issues regarding IT applications are formally referred as IT incidents or tickets, which are an important vehicle for measuring quality of AMS. IT incident ticket analytics, an important component of of the analytics system, measures workload variability, resource productivity and delivery performance using algorithms from statistics, queuing theory, data clustering and signal processing. The AMS Analytics System provides a standardized, integrated analytics platform supporting AMS delivery. It is built on a Web platform using a set of standard open stack software, enhanced with advanced analytics. Since its initial release, we have applied the AMS Analytics System to several dozens of real-world enterprise users, receiving very positive feedback.

By: Ying Li, Ta-Hsin Li, Rong Liu, Jeaha Yang, Juhnyoung Lee

Published in: Proceedings of 2013 IEEE International Conference on Service Operations and Logistics, and InformaticsPiscataway, NJ,IEEE, , p.366-71 (10.1109/SOLI.2013.6611442) in 2013


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