Connection and Performance Model Driven Optimization of Pageview Response Time

Managing client perceived pageview response time for multiple classes of service is essential in today’s highly competitive, e-commerce environment. We present Connection and Performance Model Driven Optimization (CP-MDO), a novel approach for providing optimal QoS as defined by a cost objective based on client perceived pageview response time and pageview drop rate. Our approach combines two vital models: 1) a latency model for connection establishment that captures the interactions between web browsers and web servers across network protocol layers and 2) a server performance model based on queueing theory that models performance across all tiers of a server complex. An algorithm capable of enforcing the optimal admission control based on the inter-arrival time between pageview admissions is given. Our approach has been implemented and evaluated in an experimental setting, demonstrating how CP-MDO achieves the minimal cost while providing minimal pageview response times under minimal drop rates across multiple classes of service.

By: Dinesh Kumar; David P. Olshefski; Li Zhang

Published in: London, UK in 2009

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