In-Plane Coupling into Circular-Grating Resonators for All-Optical Switching

This paper addresses the issue of in-plane coupling into and out of circular-grating resonators with optical waveguides for all-optical switching applications. Two different designs are proposed: the first design consists in directly accessing the cavity with the waveguides. The second design is based on optimization with an evolutionary algorithm that randomly reshapes the gratings along the waveguides. Passive linear simulations for both approaches are performed with the finite-elements method, and the results will be presented.
Keywords: Circular gratings, in-plane coupling, all-optical switching.

By: Asma Jebali; Daniel Erni; Stephan Gulde; Rainer F. Mahrt; Werner Bächtold

Published in: Proc. 8th Int'l Conf. on Transparent Optical Networks "ICTON 2006," Nottingham, UK, June 2006, New York, IEEE, vol.1, no. 88 in 2006


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