Controlled Cluster Condensation Into Preformed Nanometer-Sized Pits: A Combined UHV-STM and TEM Study

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We have performed scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) in ultrahigh vacuum and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) on silver and gold clusters grown in preformed nanometer-sized pits on the surface of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite. We describe the preparation method and evaluate the three-dimensional shape of the clusters using a combination of STM and TEM applied to the same cluster sample. The influence of the tip shape on the STM imaging of nanometer-sized clusters is discussed.

By: H. Hovel, Th. Becker (Omicron Vakuumphysik, Germany), A. Bettac (Univ. Rostock, Germany), B. Reihl, M. Tschudy and E. J. Williams

Published in: Journal of Applied Physics, volume 81, (no 1), pages 154-8 in 1997

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