Field Effect Transistors with SrHfO3 as Gate Oxide

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We demonstrate that the compound SrHfO3 grown epitaxially on Si(100) by molecular-beam epitaxy is a potential gate dielectric to fabricate n- and p-metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFET) with equivalent oxide thickness (EOT) below 1 nm. The electrical properties on capacitors and transistors show low gate leakage, good capacitance and I-V output characteristics. The lower electron and hole mobilities, which are strongly limited by charge trapping, nevertheless fit well with the general trend of channel mobility reduction with decreasing EOT.

By: Christophe P. Rossel; Bogdan Mereu; Chiara Marchiori; Daniele Caimi; Marilyne Sousa Petit; Alexandre Guiller; Heinz Siegwart; Roland Germann; Jean-Pierre Locquet; Jean Fompeyrine; David J. Webb; Ch. Dieker; Jin Won Seo

Published in: Applied Physics Letters, volume 89, (no 5), pages 053506-1 in 2006

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