A Framework and Toolkit to Evaluate the Value of Service Request in Telecommunication

Optimized resources allocation is a practical way for service provider responds to customer’s service request with limited resources, the base of which is the business value to service request. In this paper, we analyze the cases of value-added services in telecommunication industry, and propose a complete framework to calculate value of service request, which includes service value, customer historical value, customer lifetime value and customer potential value. Existing approaches are studied and adopted into calculation of service value and customer value respectively under telecom value-added services scenario. Besides, a novel telecom social network based model is proposed for the calculation of customer potential value. This paper also introduces the implementation of a tool for the whole framework to evaluate the value of service request.

By: Chen Wang; Chunhua Tian; Qi Ye; Chong Huang

Published in: Proceedings of 2008 IEEE International Conference on Service Operations and Logistics, and InformaticsPiscataway, NJ, , IEEE, p.926-32 in 2008

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