Emission Stability and Electron Energy Distribution of Carbide Cold Field Emitters and Tungsten Tips with Diamond-Like Coatings

        The emission stability and energy distribution of tungsten carbide, HfC<100>, ZrC<100> and tungsten field emitters with diamond-like coatings have been investigated. These emitters can have higher emission stability than tungsten emitters under similar operations. It was found that electric-field induced atomic rearrangement can limit the emission stability of the carbide tips. In addition, multiple-peaked energy distributions were observed from instability induced emission sites. Initial results from our tungsten tips with diamond-like coating showed that they can have emission stability comparable to the carbide tips, and the electron energy distributions are similar to those of carbide emitters before instability.

By: Ming L. Yu, Ho-Seob Kim, Brian W. Hussey, T. H. Philip Chang and William A. Mackie (Linfield College)

Published in: RC20472 in 1996

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