Electron-Phonon Effects and Transport in Carbon Nanotubes (title in journal is Electron-Phonon Interaction and Transport in Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes)

We calculate the electron-phonon scattering and binding in semiconducting carbon nanotubes, within a tight binding model. The mobility is derived using a multi-band Boltzmann treatment. At high fields, the dominant scattering is inter-band scattering by LO phonons corresponding to the corners K of the graphene Brillouin zone. The drift velocity saturates at approximately half the graphene Fermi velocity. The calculated mobility as a function of temperature, electric field, and nanotube chirality are well reproduced by a simple interpolation formula. Polaronic binding give a band-gap renormalization of 70 meV, an order of magnitude larger than expected. Coherence lengths can be quite long but are strongly energy dependent.

By: Vasili Perebeinos; Jerry Tersoff; Phaedon Avouris

Published in: Physical Review Letters, volume 94, (no 8), pages Art. no. 086802 in 2005

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