An Efficient Re-scaled Perceptron Algorithm for Conic Systems

The classical perceptron algorithm is an elementary row-action/relaxation algorithm for solving a homogeneous linear inequality system Ax > 0. A natural condition measure associated with this algorithm is the Euclidean width of the cone of feasible solutions, and the iteration complexity of the perceptron algorithm is bounded by , see Rosenblatt 1962 [14]. Dunagan and Vempala [4] have developed a re-scaled version of the perceptron algorithm with an improved complexity of iterations (with high probability), which is theoretically efficient in , and in particular is polynomial-time in the bit-length model. We explore extensions of the concepts of these perceptron methods to the general homogeneous conic system K where K is a regular convex cone. We provide a conic extension of the re-scaled perceptron algorithm based on the notion of a deep-separation oracle of a cone, which essentially computes a certificate of strong separation. We give a general condition under which the re-scaled perceptron algorithm is itself theoretically efficient; this includes the cases when K is the cross-product of half-spaces, second-order cones, and the positive semi-definite cone.

By: Alexandre Belloni; Robert M. Freund; Santosh Vempala

Published in: RC24073 in 2006


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