Investigating Early-Stage Design of User Interfaces for Cross-Device Web Applications

Designers increasingly need to create web applications that can run on multiple types of devices, such as desktop PCs, handhelds, and mobile phones. However, the ability of designers to explore design ideas is hampered by the lack of tools for early-stage design of user interfaces for crossdevice web applications. To understand how designers currently handle such design tasks and discover what features a tool should have to support and enhance the design process, we interviewed cross-device UI designers, and we prototyped and evaluated an early-stage, crossdevice UI design tool. We found that such a tool should make it easier to maintain consistency across devices; allow designers to use, capture, and reuse design patterns; give designers more control over the retargeting process; and show how UI elements across devices are related.

By: James Lin; James A. Landay; Lawrence D. Bergman; Guruduth Banavar; Danny Soroker; Richard J. Cardone

Published in: RJ10377 in 2006


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