Fast String Search on the Cell Processor

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Your latest PC is probably a dual core or a quad core, but the one which will sit on your desk in a couple of years will be a “manycore”, like the Cell processor by Sony, Toshiba and IBM, which has 9 cores, or the Intel Terascale prototype, which has 80. Manycores are the future, and since they are so different to program from traditional processors, programmers must get ready for the change now, e.g. learning how to map basic algorithms efficiently onto the new hardware.

String searching is one of these basic algorithms, and it has a host of applications: search engines, network intrusion detection systems, virus scanners, spam filters, DNA analysis and many others. The Cell processor, with its multiple cores, promises to speed it up a lot.

In this article we show how we mapped it efficiently on the Cell. We present two implementations. The “fast” one supports a small dictionary size (100 patterns approximately) and provides a throughput of 40 Gbps, which is 100 times faster than reference implementations on x86 architectures. The “heavyduty” implementation is slower (3.3 4.3 Gbps) but it supports dictionaries with tens of thousands of strings –and beyond, depending on the available RAM.

This task is not trivial: we had to change our algorithm significantly to reach top performance. In particular, to exploit the memory subsystem at its best, we employ a pipelined parallelization strategy, and we shuffle the data layout to fight congestion: these techniques are quite unfamiliar to most programmers of traditional architectures. The details follow.

By: Daniele Paolo Scarpazza; Oreste Villa; Fabrizio Petrini

Published in: ACM Operating Systems Review, volume 42, (no 1), pages 13-20 in 2008


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