Unified Communication System Based on Distributed SMIL Browser for Pervasive Computing Devices

SMIL is a markup language that enables us to describe web based multimedia contents. This paper proposes a flexible design model of distributed SMIL browser for pervasive computing devices whose resources are limited. We present scalable distributed architecture for devices with PvC SMIL engine to play fully featured SMIL based multimedia presentation by leveraging capability of server and intermediate node. According to relations among elements of SMIL document, a method is introduced to decompose SMIL document to a group of internal SMIL models to be distributed to and interpreted on nodes of such system. PvC devices without SMIL interpretation capability could also involve. Based on such distributed PvC SMIL browser, we implement a web based unified communication framework to make the whole communication system a virtual SMIL browser, in which SMIL document is used to define the call logic, and the unified communication and collaboration is implemented as process of web browsing. Comparing with conventional unified communication system, it makes the web technologies including SMIL and web services the core mechanism, and provide more flexibility for integration with web-based applications.

By: Yu Chen Zhou; Yi Min Gan

Published in: RC23609 in 2005


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