Parallel Implementation of Relational Database Management Systems Operations on a Multi-Core Network-Optimized System on a Chip

In a commercial Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), sort and join are the most demanding operations and it is quite beneficial improve the performance of external sort and external join algorithms that handle large input data sizes. This paper proposes parallel implementations of multi-threaded external sort and external hash join algorithms to accelerate IBM DB2, one of leading RDBMSs, in sort and join operations using an IBM Power Edge of Network (IBM PowerENTM) Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) card. The PowerENTM PCIe card is used as an accelerator, and is based on PowerENTM chip that runs at 2.3 GHz. The PowerENTM chip consists of sixteen embedded 64-bit PowerPC cores, and each of sixteen cores supports four hardware threads. The main advantage of using features of PowerENTM such as multithreaded multi-core, 10 GE Ethernet interface and hardware compression and decompression coprocessor is to execute the algorithms in parallel and reduce the size of data stored externally, and hence reduces the execution time as well as the size of external storage and bandwidth between the accelerator and external disk. Simulations are done on PowerENTM PCIe card using input records streamed from DB2, and results are compared with the performance of DB2 sort and join operations. The preliminary results show that the proposed parallel execution of external sort and join algorithm speeds up the DB2 sort and join performance about two times.

By: Elahe Khorasani; Brent D. Paulovicks; Vadim Sheinin; Hangu Yeo

Published in: RC25117 in 2011


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