Objectifying Manufacturing Logistics Decision Support

When planners solve difficult manufacturing logistics problems, they frequently employ decision support software. The data this software uses may come from many different sources, depending on both the environment and the decisions being made. The techniques for synthesizing the input information and communicating the solution depend on the problems being solved and the users' business processes. This leads to a need for many diverse and unique applications. This paper describes a framework that provides reusable design and implementation components for decision support applications.

By: Walter C. Dietrich Jr., Brenda L. Dietrich, Tom Ervolina, J. P. Fasano, Robin Lougee-Heimer, Elizabeth J. Poole, Jung-Mu Tang, Robert H. Wang, Robert J. Wittrock, Danny C. Wong and Goodwin R. Chin

Published in: RC20637 in 1996


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