A Framework for Model Based Continuous Improvement of Global IT Service Delivery Operations

In recent years, the ability to deliver IT infrastructure services from multiple geographically distributed locations has given rise to an entirely new IT services business model. In this model, called the “Global Delivery Model”, clients outsource components of their IT infrastructure operations to multiple service providers, who in turn use a combination of onsite and offsite (including offshore) resources to manage the components on behalf of their clients. Since the components of services provided can be assembled and processed at any of the delivery centers, a framework for continuous monitoring of quality and productivity of the delivery processes is essential to pinpoint and remedy potential process inefficiencies. In this paper, we describe a framework implemented by a large global service provider that uses continuous monitoring and process behavior charts to detect any potential shifts in its global IT service delivery environment. Using this framework, the service provider has already improved several of its IT delivery processes resulting in improved quality and productivity. We discuss the major components of the framework, challenges in deploying such a system for global processes whose lifecycle spans multiple delivery centers, and present examples of process improvements that resulted from deploying the framework.

By: Abhijit Bose; Aliza Heching; Sambit Sahu

Published in: RC24553 in 2008


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