Integrating Coverage Analysis into Test-driven Development of Model Transformations

For testing model transformations, a software engineer usually designs a test suite consisting of test cases where each test case consists of one or several models. In order to ensure a high quality of such a test suite, coverage achieved by the test cases with regard to the system under test must be systematically measured. The results obtained during coverage analysis can then be used e.g. for creating additional test cases. In addition to measuring coverage, a software engineer developing a model transformation is also confronted with how to integrate such coverage analysis results into the development process. For example, the software engineer has to decide when to measure coverage, when to investigate the results and how and when to take appropriate actions. In this paper, we present a prototypical tool which can be used for measuring coverage of test requirements for model transformations. We explain how a software engineer can make use of it in a test-driven development process for model transformations, in order to systematically develop high-quality model transformations.

By: Jochen M. Kuester, Daniel Kovacs, Eduard Bauer, Christian Gerth

Published in: RZ3846 in 2013


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