Towards Ontologies On Demand

The Semantic Web aims at adding semantic knowledge into the web of natural language hypertext, enabling deep-level information search and information integration. However, building a knowledge base and an ontology is so costly and time-consuming that it hampers the progress of the Semantic Web activity.

We present a method for building ontologies on demand from scientific queries by applying text mining technologies. The method induces ontological concepts and relationships relevant to the query by analyzing search result documents together with domain-specific knowledge sources available on the Web. Users can use this partial ontology not only for ad-hoc search refinement but also for extending an existing domain ontology. The presented method can be used to produce, over several sessions, a personalized ontology.

By: Youngja Park, Roy. J. Byrd, Branimir K. Boguraev

Published in: RC22868 in 2003


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