Towards Model-Based Generation of Self-Priming and Self-Checking Conformance Tests for Interactive Systems

This paper describes a model-based approach to generate conformance tests for interactive applications. Our method builds on existing work to address generation of: (1) small yet effective set of test frames for testing individual operations, (2) a Set up sequence that brings the system under test in an appropriate state for a test frame (self-priming), (3) a Verification sequence for expected output and state changes (self-checking), and, (4) negative test cases in the presence of exceptions. Our method exploits a novel mutation scheme applied to operations specified as pre-, and
postconditions on parameters and state variables; a set of novel abstraction techniques which result in a compact finite state automaton; and search techniques to automatically generate the set up and verification sequences. We illustrate our method with a simple ATM application.

By: Amitkumar M. Paradkar

Published in: Proceedings of the 2003 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing. , ACM. , 1110-17 in 2003

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