Concern Modeling in the Concern Manipulation Environment

The Concern Manipulation Environment (CME) is an AOSD environment in which software is organized and manipulated in terms of concerns. ConMan supports the identification, definition, encapsulation, extraction and composition of concerns in the CME. ConMan models software in terms of concerns, relationships, constraints, units, artifacts, and associated information. The concern model is multidimensional and concerns can be defined extensionally and/or intensionally. ConMan is neutral with respect to artifact types and formalisms, and it can be used with both aspect-oriented and non-aspect oriented software and methods. ConMan is intended to serve both as a tool for directly modeling concerns and as a platform for developing alternative concern-modeling approaches.

By: William Harrison, Harold Ossher, Stanley Sutton Jr., Peri Tarr

Published in: RC23344 in 2004


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