Generation and Characterization of a meta-Aryne on Cu and NaCl Surfaces

We describe the generation of a meta-aryne at low temperature (T = 5 K) using atomic manipulation on Cu(111) and on bilayer NaCl on Cu(111). We observe different voltage thresholds for dehalogenation of the precursor and different reaction products depending on the substrate surface. The chemical structure is resolved by AFM with CO-terminated tips revealing the radical positions and confirming a diradical rather than an anti-Bredt olefin structure for this meta-aryne on NaCl.

By: Niko Pavlicek, Zsolt Majzik, Sara Collazos, Gerhard Meyer, Dolores Perez, Enrique Guitian, Diego Pena, Leo Gross

Published in: , volume 11, (no 11), pages 10.1021/acsnano.7b06137 in 2017


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