Knowledge-Enhanced IT Service Management

To manage the increasing complexity of IT systems and align IT services with business is the main theme of IT Service Management (ITSM). Current ITSM architecture adopts ITIL as the framework to integrate silos of operational management tools and configuration information to build an end-to-end solution based on best practices. However, it lacks of a systematic means to address an important aspect of IT operation, i.e., managing the knowledge separated in various tools and experts’ minds. In this paper, a novel knowledge-enhanced architecture is proposed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of ITSM. The essential contribution of this novel architecture is to involve a Knowledge Management Database (KMDB) which provides assistance for knowledge capture, mining, storage and sharing. The paper will discuss an approach of how to construct such a KMDB with motivating scenarios and detailed description of key components. To validate the approach, a prototype system is developed and evaluated by being applied for problem analysis on a Cisco Voice over IP (VoIP) system. The experiment results show a remarkable improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency for practical IT service management operations.

By: Hao Wang; Bo Yang; Liang Liu; Qian Ma; Ke Wei Sun; Ying Chen

Published in: ICEBE 2007 - IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering, 8 pages, Hong Kong, p.173-80 in 2007

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