On the Challenges and Solutions for Migrating Legacy Distributed Applications into Cloud

As the adoption of cloud continues to grow, organizations are faced with the challenge of migrating legacy applications into the cloud, or at least evaluating whether a migration is worthwhile. The simple solution of a fresh application reinstallation in the cloud is often labor intensive and has a high risk of running into unknown problems. On the other hand, importing already-installed images requires intimate application knowledge to perform reconfiguration, e.g., pointing one component to the new IP address of another component. The purpose of the paper is to present the migration problem to the research community. We devise a methodology for defining the migration solution space, and propose two techniques, AppCloak and PseudoApp, that hopefully can help advance the state-of-the-art of migration.

By: Chunqiang Tang, Byung Chul Tak, Long Wang, Hai Huang, Salman Baset

Published in: RC25438 in 2014


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