Easy SOA: Rapid Prototyping with Web Services for End Users

VViki and blog which enable end users to do their works
only with a VVeb browser, since those tools do not require
end users to learn some special skills about HTML. Some
of end users have also involved in “End-user programming”,
by writing some tools to change a behavior of an application
to make their personal works more efledively.However,
these tools are too dimcult to be shared with other people
generany,because a nexible application tends to be dimcult
to learn.Thus,an application development tool for end
users should be easy to learn. lt should not require neither
to instan more special additional softwares nor to add more
special configurations on their personal computers。
 This paper describes a rapid prototype tools for SOA
based on Ad hoc Development and lntegration Environment
for End users (ADIEU).ADIEU is a development tool lbr
end users and works on a web browser by communicating
with ADIEU server without instamng any special develop-
ment environlnent on a personal computer. VVith ADIEU,
end users can prototype their applicationrapidly by placing
some cards onto a development environlnent constructed on
a VVeb browser and adding some connections between the
cards.VVe also propose a prototype development model lbr
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)as well as VVeb appli-
cations and VVeb Services with ADIEU. The proposed deveレ
opment model consists of two parts: (i)End users import
VVSDL nles from VVeb Services to represent methods denned
in VVeb Services as cards on ADIEU environment. (ii)They
place some cards and denne the relationship between them
on a Web browser. Because this environment model is quite
simple and easy to be understood by end user, it wm also
encourage end users to adopt the SOA (Service-Oriented Ar-
chitecture)by combining Web services with simple interfaces
in the distributed environment.

By: Takayuki Yamaizumi, Takashi Sakairi, Masaki Wakao, Hideaki Shinomi, Samuel Adams

Published in: RT0638 in 2007


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