Photoluminescence Characterization of SiGe Grown on Si(001)

        This paper presents our recent experimental work on photoluminescence (PL) characterization of strain-relaxed uniform composition Si1-xGe layers with 0.17 < x < 0.34 grown step-wise graded buffer on Si(100) by ultra-high vacuum chemical vapor deposition (UHV/CVD). Near band edge radiative recombination at low temperature is dominated by non-phonon assisted excitons and biexcitons confined in three dimensional potential wells (Ge-rich region) created by alloy fluctuations. Strain relaxation in Si1-xGex layers during the epitaxial layer growth produces a threading dislocation network. This network produces well-resolved four D lines in the measured PL spectra. Variations of the intensity and peak position of the four D lines as a function of post-growth annealing temperature are observed. We propose that a local re-arrangement of atoms near the dislocation is responsible for the re-distribution of the deep electronic states with the band gap.

By: Kai Shum (The City College of the City University of New York), P. M. Mooney, L. Tilly (Ericsson Components, Sweden) and J. O. Chu

Published in: RC20559 in 1996

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