A Language for Information Flow: Dynamic Tracking in Multiple Interdependent Dimensions

This paper presents , a language for dynamic tracking of information flow across multiple, interdependent dimensions of information. Typical dimensions of interest are integrity and confidentiality. supports arbitrary domain-specific policies that can be developed independently. treats information-flow metadata as a first-class entity and tracks information flow on the metadata itself (integrity on integrity, integrity on confidentiality, etc.). This paper also defines IMPOLITE, a novel class of information-flow policies for . Unlike many systems, which only allow for absolute-security relations, IMPOLITE can model more realistic security policies based on relative-security relations. IMPOLITE demonstrates how policies on interdependent dimensions of information can be simultaneously enforced within ’s unified framework.

By: Avraham Shinnar; Marco Pistoia; Anindya Banerjee

Published in: RC24541 in 2008


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