Charging Service Elements for an Electric Vehicle Charging Service Provider

Electric vehicles are often seen as a key element in smart grids. Potentially, electric vehicles can be used for providing grid services, both for peak shaving and for ancillary services. To achieve this, an aggregator or charging service provider could control the charging of large electric vehicle fleets or, if sufficient information is available to the vehicle, the EV itself can control the charging and provide these services. In the literature, little attention is devoted to the charging services offered to the EV user. This paper outlines a set of building blocks for such end-user charging services. These building blocks can easily be transformed into objectives and constraints in a charging schedule optimization problem formulation. The focus of this paper is on describing the various potential service elements rather than on assembling actual products from these elements.

Additional keywords: Sundstrom, Sundström

By: Olle Sundstroem and Carl Binding

Published in: Proc. 2011 IEEE Power and Energy Society(PES) General Meeting, Detroit, MI Piscataway, NJ, IEEE in 2011


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