Deployment-time Binding Selection to Improve the Performance of Distributed Applications

We investigate a novel technology to improve the performance of a distributed application by configuring its components in an optimal way using the information about the operation environment discovered during the deployment of the application. To enable such capabilities we have developed a general architecture for deployment time optimization, called Blue Pencil. In this paper, we present how Blue Pencil can improve the performance of distributed applications by selecting the most appropriate binding between a client and a server using only static information such as the service interface definition, the location of the service, and information about the application server. Based on the performance study using real world Web services and internal benchmarks, we report that: (1) modern SOAP implementations are highly efficient and can perform even better than RMI under certain workloads and operation environment, and (2) the proposed binding selection algorithm is effective, and can improve the response time performance by 32% – 80 % on average even for highly optimized SOAP implementations.

By: Sangjeong Lee; Kang-Won Lee; Kyung Dong Ryu; Jong-Deok Choi; Dinesh Verma

Published in: RC23861 in 2006


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