Managing Security of Virtual Machine Images in a Cloud Environment

Cloud computing is revolutionizing how information technology resources and services are used and managed but the revolution comes with new security problems. Among these is the problem of securely managing the virtual-machine images that encapsulate each application of the cloud. These images must have high integrity because the initial state of every virtual machine in the cloud is determined by some image. However, as some of the benefits of the cloud depend on users employing images built by third parties, users must also be able to share images safely.

This paper explains the new risks that face administrators and users (both image publishers and image retrievers) of a cloud's image repository. To address those risks, we propose an image management system that controls access to images, tracks the provenance of images, and provides users and administrators with efficient image fliters and scanners that detect and repair security violations. Filters and scanners achieve efficiency by exploiting redundancy among images; an early implementation of the system shows that this approach scales better than a naive approach that treats each image independently.

By: Jinpeng Wei; Xiaolan Zhang; Glenn Ammons; Vasanth Bala; Peng Ning

Published in: RC24867 in 2009


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