IBM Express Services for Inventory Management - with SAP

IBM’s Express Inventory Management offering, leveraging SAP’s Business Warehouse functionality, is one of the quickest payback solutions provided by Business Consulting Services. Reducing a client’s inventory asset investment and associated operating costs is central to the offering. The solution entails building inventory target-setting algorithms and performance reporting within SAP BW – creating an efficient, repeatable, and intelligent process for reducing and managing inventory levels. The award-winning quantitative supply chain management expertise of IBM’s Research Labs and Integrated Supply Chain team are incorporated into the solution toolkit. Clients who already own SAP BW will require no additional software investment. Clients considering investing in SAP BW likely can justify their entire SAP BW investment from the savings afforded by the Inventory Optimization Solution. A recent client achieved a 13% inventory level reduction within a short amount of time.

By: Kaan Katircioglu; Timothy M. Brown; Mateen Asghar

Published in: RC23656 in 2005


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