MultiMedia Digital Community: A Web-Enabled Multimedia Collaboration System

        The convergence of telecommunications and computers in expected to bring a real revolution in the communications world and hence in the way that people interact and communicate with each other. With the development of the world-wide web technology to browse and navigate through the Internet, new easy-to-use tools are being developed to simplify and enhance the on-line interaction of people. In this paper we will describe the multimedia digital community (MMDC) project and prototype, which is web-enhanced teleconferencing solution. The MMDC solution is an open system, that is developed on the client-server model, and allows non-homogenous clients to use the Internet to establish and participate in audio and/or data conferences using a variety of audio and computer systems.

By: Chatschik Bisdikian, Stephen Brady, Yurdaer N. Doganata, Davis Foulger, Franco Marconcini, Magda Mourad, Howard L. Operowsky, Giovanni Pacifici and Asser N. Tantawi

Published in: RC20697 in 1997


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