Disconnected Portlets: An Overview

In the typical web application, a client renders markup and the application or service is implemented as a set of tiered functions in the network. However, clients can contain resources useful for an application and network connections cannot always be assumed. In this paper, we consider extending the reach of a web application to include 1) access to and use of local client resources, and 2) operation while disconnected from the network. We, however, try to preserve desirable programming model and management characteristics of web applications. We propose a system architecture and discuss an initial implementation using a portal as an example web application.

By: Marion Blount, Veronique Perret, Danny Yeh, Apratim Purakayastha, Michael Moser, Yann Duponchel, Daniela Bourges-Waldegg, Marcel Graf

Published in: RC22939 in 2003


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