Cloud Modeling and Simulations

This chapter provides an introduction to cloud modeling and simulation technologies with focus on performance and scalability. We will emphasize the value of modeling and simulation technologies in the context of cloud computing and provide a short general introduction to these technologies to make the chapter more self-contained. Specific requirements against modeling and simulations applied to cloud computing are discussed motivating our simulation-based approach. We will outline in some detail how various hardware and software objects of clouds can be modeled as individual entities and then glued together to form a simulation model of a complete cloud. Besides addressing key concepts like modeling of contention and data segmentation, we will describe workload generation and also address some general challenges associated with cloud modeling and simulations. Finally, we will describe the various stages of a cloud modeling project using the simulation of OpenStack image deployment on clouds as an example.

By: Peter Altevogt, Wolfgang Denzel, Tibor Kiss

Published in: RZ3858 in 2013


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