Proposal for Extending Annex B of PSL with Local Variables, Procedural Blocks, Past Expressions and Clock Alignment Operators

In this document we extend Proposal A' for augmenting the formal semantics of PSL with local variables to all of PSL (issue 67). Proposal A' provides semantics for PSL without truncated words, abort and clock operators. In this proposal we augment the entire formal semantics of PSL (including the above constructs) with local variables. In addition, we add semantics for procedural blocks (issue 66), for built-in functions that refer to the past (issue 117) and for clock alignment operators (issue 137).

This document presents the semantics gradually. First it presents the semantics of the base logic, which is the set of FL formulas that (i) do not use the clock operator (ii) do not refer to the past (i.e., do not use past built-in functions) and (iii) do not use local variables or procedural blocks. Then it presents the semantics of the base logic extended with either the clock operator or references to the past or local variables and procedural blocks. Last it presents the overall semantics of linear formulas with no restrictions.

By: Cindy Eisner; Dana Fisman

Published in: H-0256 in 2008


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