Test Case Generation for Collaborative Real-time Editing Tools

Collaborative real-time editing tools (CRETs) present advanced editing features, and bring great challenge as well for verifying them. Test case generation is the key task of testing. Generating test cases efficiently with high quality is the goal of this paper. Collaboration is defined the core requirements of CRETs, from which functional features and design tactics are derived. The paper proposes a time-line diagram to visually model timing aspects and collaborative conflicts and ACDATE language to formally specify the corresponding test scenarios. The change of testing parameters and conflict resolution policy will incur significant time and effort for modifying the time line diagrams and programs. The paper presents an algorithm which allows configuring test parameters and collaboration policy on the fly; automatically generates textual test cases corresponding to the timeline diagram and test scripts in ACDATE language. A prototype shows the promising results of automatically generating test cases, both textual and visual versions consistently.

By: Lian Yu; Wenping Xiao; Chang Yan Chi; Lin Ma; Hui Su

Published in: RC24166 in 2007


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