Fast Metadata Update by Using Two-Phase Commit on Volatile Memory and Disk

Efficient metadata management is a key aspect of a robust storage system. Traditional models of metadata management used in most modern storage systems are too restrictive and inefficient. The two key requirements on metadata management systems is a) consistency – integrity of the metadata is crucial at all times and under failures for correct functioning of a system, and b) reliability – system will reliably maintain the event and/or metadata update once a success is returned. There are instances when metadata update becomes a bottleneck in the system and in such cases, any improvement in metadata update performance will directly improve the system performance. By using the method described in this research report, a storage system can improve its metadata update performance with out incurring additional hardware costs and yet meet the client guarantees for metadata consistency and recoverability.

By: Tarun Thakur; Veera Deenadhayalan; Karan Gupta; Paul Muench

Published in: RJ10427 in 2008


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