Monolithic integration of multiple III-V semiconductors on Si

We review our work on the direct epitaxy of III-V compounds on Si using template-assisted selective epitaxy (TASE) and demonstrate its use for the integration of electronic and optical devices. The III-V material is grow within the confined space given by an oxide template structure and lead to a III-V on insulator structure which can be further processes into devices. Monolithic integration of a broad range of III-V compounds enabled the fabrication of III-V FETs, TFETs, ballistic devices as well as optically pumped microdisk lasers on Si.

By: H. Schmid, B. Mayer, J. Gooth, S. Wirths, L. Czornomaz, H. Riel, S. Mauthe, C. Convertino, and K. E. Moselund

Published in: SOI-3D-Subthreshold Microelectronics Technology Unified Conference, IEEE, p.10.1109/S3S.2017.8309200 in 2017


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