Birefringence Control and Manipulation in SiliconOxyNitride

This paper describes methods to control and manipulate birefringence in SiliconOxyNitride waveguides and devices. Each method is demonstrated by measurements on example devices. The methods and devices that will be covered are:
• Reduction of heater induced birefringence in a dynamic gain equalizer by heater design or etched trenches.
• Reduction of polarization mode dispersion in a tunable dispersion compensator by UV trimming of residual waveguide birefringence.
• Polarization conversion using integrated optical half-wave-plates, fabricated by etching trenches at one side of a waveguide.
• Polarization splitting using waveguide sections with specified birefringence, obtained by etched trenches at both sides of the waveguide.

By: Folkert Horst, Bert Offrein, Roger Dangel, Dorothea Wiesmann, Ton Koster, and Gian-Luca Bona

Published in: RZ3549 in 2004


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