Electron Holography of Individual DNA Molecules

High-contrast holograms of unstained DNA molecules, deposited on a dedicated sample holder fabricated by silicon micromachining techniques, have been obtained in the low energy electron point source microscope. Recording at TV rates allows dynamic processes to be observed. Numerical reconstruction of the holograms reveals the structure of the molecules depicted as the magnitude of the electron object wave front.

By: Hans-Werner Fink (Atomic Point Source Instruments, Canada), Heinz Schmid, Eugen Ermantraut (Hans Knoell Inst. of Natural Products Res., Germany), Torsten Schulz (Inst. for Physical High Technology, Germany) and Juergen Kreuzer (Dalhousie Univ., Canada)

Published in: Optical Society of America. Journal, volume 14, (no 9), pages 2168-72 in 1997

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