Aspect-Oriented Business Process Modeling

Model-driven approach has been regarded by many researchers and practitioners as an efficient and practical way for well handling large scale and complex IT systems. However, model composition and decomposition as an existing way to reduce model complexity isn ’t enough to fully deal with large scale and complex cases. We need a dynamic model componentization structure to support the flexible composition, decomposition and refactoring of models. This paper proposes an approach to aspect-oriented business process modeling, which introduces a set of dynamic model componentization technologies to business process modeling practices. The following key contributions of this work are introduced in detail: the concept and definition of aspectual process as the base for dynamically structuring business process model; an end-to-end aspect-oriented business process modeling method covering key phases including aspect definition, identification, extraction, assembling and weaving and key technologies to support the above method. A prototype system, together with an end-to-end scenario as sample is also presented.

By: Jian Wang; Jun Zhu; Haiqi Liang; Ke Xu

Published in: RC23829 in 2005


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