Detection and Manipulation of Statistical Polarization in Small Spin Ensembles

We report the detection of the statistical polarization in a small ensemble of electron spin centers in SiO2 by magnetic resonance force microscopy. A novel detection technique was employed that captures the statistical polarization and cycles it between states that are either locked or anti-locked to the effective field in the rotating frame. Using field gradients as high as 5 G/nm, we achieved a detection sensitivity equivalent to roughly 2 electron spins, and observed ultralong spin-lock lifetimes, as long as 20 s. Given a sufficient signal-to-noise ratio, this scheme should be extendable to single electron spin detection.

By: H. J. Mamin, R. Budakian, B. W. Chui, D. Rugar

Published in: Physical Review Letters, volume 91, (no 20), pages No. 207604 in 2003

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