Sensor-Cloud Infrastructure - Physical Sensor Management with Virtualized Sensors on Cloud Computing -

Increasing numbers of physical sensors are used for various purposes. Such physical sensors are used by their own applications. Because each application manages both of physical sensors and sensor data, other applications cannot share the physical sensors easily. We propose the new infrastructure, called Sensor-Cloud infrastructure. We divided into sensor system management and sensor data management. Sensor-Cloud infrastructure virtualizes physical sensors as virtual sensor on cloud computing. Dynamic grouped virtual sensors are automatic provisioned when the users need them. We are focusing on enabling sensor management capability on cloud. Since the resource and capability of sensor network is limited, cloud computing can be behalf of the sensor management such as availability and performance of sensors. We describe several design points of Sensor-Cloud infrastructure, the system architecture and the implementation.

By: Madoka Yuriyama, Takayuki Kushida

Published in: RT0897 in 2010


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