Material and Mobility Characteristics of Ultra-thin (110) Compressively-Strained SiGe pMOSFETs

We report, for the first time, pMOSFETs fabricated on compressively-strained SiGe (110), combining the effects of both lower effective mass in (110) crystal orientation and biaxial straininduced hole mobility enhancement. This abstract describes an extensive material characteristics study of SiGe growth on Si (110), and the hole mobility in pMOSFETs fabricated on (110) SiGe/Si hetero-layer, which is ~180% and ~10% higher than the reference mobility in (100) and (110) Si pMOSFETs respectively.

By: K. K. Chan, M. Yang, K. Rim, N. Klymko, J. Ott, D. Canaperi, A. W. Topol, E. Sikorski, B. To, D. C. Boyd, W. Price, J. Newbury, K. W. Guarini, M. Ieong

Published in: RC24325 in 2007


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